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Wedding Garland (Jaimala Haar Varmala) – hindu wedding garlands pictures

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Fresh Flower Jaimala Garland – Online Varmala Orchid Roses Jaimala for Wedding

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Designer wedding garland (jaimala / haar / varmala) made from fresh flowers. Wedding DecorationsWedding GarlandsWedding Garland

We Make a Unique And Stunning Varmala Designs For Your Wedding in Gurgaon Delhi Noida NCR. We Make Latest Varmala (Jaimala Garlands) designs to know how they can uplift the whole attire and look.

White flowers with golden ribbons/motifs is an ideal choice if you want to keep your garland simple without adding much colour to it. You can even try this design with any single colour flower, if not white.

We are sure you must be very excited and must be planning everything for your wedding right from your entry, to your outfits and what not. But, have you decided about your Varmala Jaimala Latest Designs? No! We thought so. The design of the garland is often neglected thinking that it will not make much difference but the truth is that the right design and colour of your varmala accentuates your whole outfit and even the wedding pictures.

How To Choose A Beautiful And Perfect Varmala Garland For Your Wedding

While choosing your garland, always keep the season in mind in which you are getting married. Though some flowers are evergreen, yet every flower is not available throughout the season. If you are confused then flowernpetals help about the flowers that are used to make garlands during that season.

Orchid & Roses, Carnation, Marigold are the most common flowers and are available through all seasons. However, you can add exotic flowers to your garland, for instance, lily and orchids for your winter wedding or dahlia and iris for a summer affair.

Wedding garlands come in various colors, designs and sizes, so be careful while choosing the colour scheme of your garland. Pick those garlands that will complement the colour of your wedding outfits. Look at the embroidery, the zari work or any other embellishments of your outfit, and let the florist come up with a colour scheme that matches your attire.

If your lehenga or saree is all bling-bling then pick some elegant flowers like white and pink roses or delicate orchids. And if your attire is simple then go for a heavy garland made with red roses or jasmines.

You can even discuss your wedding theme with your florist to know which flowers will go best with it. If you are using a particular colour combination or theme for your wedding then the garlands can match that tone. For instance, if you are using red and gold colours for the wedding décor then have a garland with red and orange flowers in it.

Or, if you have a beach themed wedding then you can add flowers like orchids and lilies to the varmala. You can go for either one colour or for multicoloured flowers. Pick anything from roses and marigolds to the more exotic carnations, hydrangeas or tulips.

Before you take the final call, make sure you are aware about the flowers and the emotions they symbolise. It will help you to decide better. Here are a few flowers that are widely used in wedding garlands and what they represent:

Garland of Pink rose– happiness
Red rose Garland– love
Jai mala Orange rose– passion
Marigold har Mala – prosperity
Arabian Jasmine (mogra) Wedding Garland– blessing and piety
Garland Blue & Purple Orchids wedding Jaimala– love, magnificence and beauty
Lily haar of the valley – sweetness, humility and happiness
White rose Varmala Garland – charm and grace

Once you decide upon your wedding garland, it is essential to get it on time before the wedding; else it will lose its freshness. Garlands play a vital role in the wedding, so make sure you select them carefully. And, with these tips you can do that easily. Hope you find these helpful!

Jai Mala Ceremony {Hindu Wedding Rituals}

After the Baraat kicks off the wedding festivities with music and dancing, the Jai Mala ceremony keeps the joy going. The nuances of the ceremony vary from community to community but in every tradition it is the first coming together of the couple.

The Jai Malas are the first time the couple is joined together. The garlanding is a physical representation of how both parties give consent for the marriage. From then on, the rest of the Hindu wedding is about binding the bride and groom together in the eyes of the gods and reaffirming that their dharmas are tied together.

Flowers are typical for the Jai Malas because the signify a whole range of emotion as well as vitality, youth, and joy. The choice in flowers for the garlands varies across the Subcontinent. In the North, red roses and white flowers are preferred while in the South marigolds and bright orange flowers are traditional. Garlands in the South also tend to be longer and heavier than North Indian garlands. Some communities don’t even use flowers – cash notes and tinsel are also woven into garlands and gifted.

The bride and groom each try to get their garland over their partner’s head first. In some communities whoever is garlanded last will be the dominant member of the marriage. This event becomes a game as family members from both sides try to hoist their champion high to give them the advantage.

Sita garlanded Rama after he strung Shiva’s bow at her swayamvara and the practice has been repeated since then. Traditionally the bride places a flower garland, a varmala, over her intended groom as a way of claiming him or saying yes to his proposal. The groom later returns the gesture by gifting her with a mangal sutra, a more permanent garland. Nowadays the groom often also gives his betrothed a flower garland in addition to a mangal sutra.

A varmala or jaimala is an Indian wedding garland symbolic of the popular marriage ceremony. Following regional traditions, the varmala might be made of rose flowers and/or other ceremonial stuff decorating it. The additives range from Rupee notes to other flowers to other family based traditions.

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